Children’s Yoga

Kids Yoga 045Children’s Yoga With Cheryl R. Combines Games & Fun

Yoga for Children

In these hectic times, children sometimes get stressed, and many don’t get enough downtime. Yoga gives children a respite with laughter and fun.  Games related to yoga poses are integrated throughout to encourage their creativity. We also work on breathing and start each class by getting children to open up and talk.  This raises their awareness of others while focusing their energy.

Kids Yoga with Cheryl R.We sit in a circle to encourage interaction and a feeling of comradery and belonging. This helps the children focus and concentrate. ‘Naptime’ at the end is always a big hit.  It is a time when everyone gets quiet and concentrates on their breath. It is a terrific way to balance children out and enhance focus. These classes are especially beneficial for special needs children. Please contact me for more information.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

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Children’s Yoga Parties

Children's yoga in NJ with Cheryl Rosenberg

Celebrate your child’s special day by making them feel like a star. The birthday boy or girl will assist me in orchestrating yoga-themed games and festivities.  They get to be the center of attention while their guests participate in every activity and revel in the fun.  No one is ever excluded. We play games centered around yoga poses that have animal name like downward dog and lions pose.

Your child will help me plan and manage each game, and instead of getting riled up on candy, your party guests will experience the joy of thoughtful fun and focus.  For a truly unique party experience a yoga party is the way to go.  Contact me directly for more info.





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