Cheryl Rosenfeld develops her NJ Yoga classes with patience and care


Cheryl Rosenfeld doing yoga

Cheryl Rosenfeld has practiced and studied a variety of Hatha yoga styles since 1996. She began as a student learning the Iyengar method,  focusing on alignment and utilizing yoga props when necessary for certain poses.   Being extremely inflexible due to extensive sports activities, yoga was a great challenge and the Iyengar style suited her needs to help prevent injury & increase her flexibility.

She developed a strong interest in the human body and went on to take anatomy courses to learn more about the physical structure and musculoskeletal  system and about their relationships and movements within the body.

cherylabout2Moving deeper into Yoga

After a few years, Cheryl R. pursued her yoga on a deeper level and developed a more serious practice attending yoga workshops with several well known Iyengar teachers.  In 2003 she took an intensive teacher training certification at the Yoga Institute of Miami with Bobbi Goldin– Intermediate Iyengar. She continued her yoga practice and received her certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance.

“Observe the wonders as they occur around you.  Don’t claim them.  Feel the artistry moving through and be silent.”

– Rumi


She was inspired to explore other styles of yoga; Vinyasa, and Anusara and  has since taken several workshops with Anusara certified instructors.  Her foundation in Iyengar provided a perfect natural flow into Anusara with breathing taking on an important role.  Awareness of breath has helped her go much deeper into her poses, allowing for the relaxation of tightness and the blockages we all hold.

She is always open to explore new avenues and has developed a strong interest in pursuing Yin Yoga targeting the connective tissues, such as the ligaments, bones and even the joints of the body that are not exercised as much during a more active practice.  It targets more specifically the hips, pelvis and lower spine. It can become quite challenge when the poses are help for longer intervals. It is a wonderful complement to a more active Vinyasa flow practice.

Teaching Hatha Yoga before many knew about it

Cheryl Rosenfeld yoga in NJ

Yoga in the Park at Rutgers University

Since 2002, she started teaching a Hatha yoga class at New York Sports Club.  At that time, yoga was not in demand and was somewhat new to the gym community.  She started teaching very basic poses & enjoyed guiding the students into the asanas (poses).  Her classes began to swell and several classes were added.  She then expanded and broadened her skills, teaching in yoga studios. Her dedication was never stagnant, and she continued to grow with an expanded practice that helped a larger community of people.

handsShe currently teaches Yoga at Rutgers University (students, faculty, alumni) and at mature active adult communities.  She also shares a special interest in working with children & began a successful Yoga for Children program.  Children are fearless, willing to try lots of poses and are so flexible.  It has become an important tool helping them focus more in their everyday lives.  She also does private sessions and welcomes  the opportunity to work with people of all ages who require special needs.

Teaching all levels, at at every age & stage of life

iloveyogaCheryl Rosenfeld loves the variety of all age groups.  Her classes are multi-level and everyone from beginner to advanced, feels welcome and comfortable. Emphasis is put on breath.  Breathing brings the poses to life.  It animates the stretches and gives yoga fluidity and flow.  Just as we create flexibility in our bodies by stretching physically, we create limberness in our minds by stretching mentally.

Core Yoga: Experience Yoga with a focus on securing and strengthening   the core (lower back and abdominals).

Yoga for Runners: Emphasis on working tight muscles of hamstrings, quadriceps and hip openers, using straps for assistance to release tightness.

In the Summer, Cheryl also offers classes on the beach, at Avon by the Sea, NJ.  Rooting one’s feet in the sand allows our bodies to move easily with our foundation grounded into Mother Earth and watching nature all around!   Sea….. Sky…. Sand.

To experience the day beginning, the world awakening, and sharing the innocence of it all, can make your day so BRIGHT!!!

feetCheryl also teaches yoga in Negril, Jamaica.

When we open to the Universe……Everything opens……Body, Mind, Spirit!!!!!!





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