New-Jersey Based Yoga With Cheryl R. Offers a Breath of Fresh Air

Yoga in New Jersey with CherylR

Yoga is a window into the soul

In our society, and in our lives, everyone is stressed in one way or another. There are few opportunities to really slow down, breath and reflect on yourself and your surroundings.

Practicing yoga provides a rare window to your inner, calmer self– where you can experience a true body, mind and spirit connection.

Whether your goal is to increase strength and flexibility, lose weight, tone up or tune in to yourself, Yoga With Cheryl R. in NJ provides a unique transformative approach for every need.

4 Dimensions of Yoga With Cheryl R.

With a mix of Anusara and Iyengar yoga methodologies, Yoga With Cheryl R. focuses on the 4 primary dimensions:

Physical Staying fit and looking good
Mental Focus and acuity
Emotional Remaining calm and objective
Spiritual Peacefulness and feeling of unity

Yoga with CherylR classes in NJ

Relaxing outdoor Yoga experience

Sharing a love of Yoga

Cheryl Rosenfeld is a gifted yoga instructor with a faculty for healing based in New Jersey. She has been teaching and sharing her love of yoga for over 13 years. Cheryl’s gift is the ability to make everyone–from beginners to advanced students–feel comfortable.

Yoga classes

Children’s Yoga

Active Adult Yoga

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